Hey everyone,this isn’t a typical credits post but just something i need to let out.As you all might have heard about the shooting in Newton,Connecticut.On a Friday morning Adam Lanza brutally assassinated 26 people,20 of whom which turned out to be innocent children.Unfortunately,whats done is done and those innocent children will never make it to class again.What makes my stomach turn is the media.The issue here is not Gun Control,because on the other side of the globe a man stabbed and injured 22 children in China and he did not use a fire arm.What makes me beyond furious is that the media publicizes the murderers,their pictures go on every cover of every magazine,of every website,all over the tv screen they in a sense become “famous”.We have seen this over and over again,it happened on April 20,1999 when Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold murdered 12 students and a teacher in Columbine High school,On April 16,2007 we saw it again when Seung-Hui Cho shot and killed 32 people and wounded 17 others,And most recently On Friday, July 20, 2012,during a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises In Aurora,Colorado James Holmes killed 12 people and injured 58 others.Too much blood has been shed for one purpose and one purpose only,fame.I ask you why,if i donated 10 million dollars to any organization no one would care?But,if i killed 10 million people my life story would be on every magazine spread,on every newspaper,on the radio,on the television,everyone would care who i was,everyone would remember me,not in the best form but i would be famous.All i ask is that instead of re blogging photographs of Adam Lanza,you reblogg photos of the innocent angels whose lives where cut too short,they are the only ones who deserve to be remembered.Remember that no one cared who these murders  where until they pulled out a gun and committed monstrosities.Don’t let them be famous.Dont let history repeat itself…


Kinda outta Luck.

  • Hair:::Exile:: Beyond the Waves - Bleach
  • Skin:*Leafy* Sapphire - Cream - Pure
  • Beauty Marks Set one:mijn.botique / skincare / face beauty marks
  • Beauty Marks set two:::dUTCH tOUCH::- Moles
  • Blush:{D.A} Anime Blush
  • Gloss:*Leafy* *Gloss - Bubble
  • Shape:Body Beautiful-Aurora Shape *Coming Soon
  • Top:~IMBUE. Cobain Muscle Tee (Thank you! <3)
  • Tights:{Happy Pencil} cross tights (Thank you! <3)
  • Booties:.: vive9 :. RITA Boots - Dark Grey
  • Hat:Part of !lamb. Sugarless
  • Glasses:[Steinwerk] - Fabulous Mouse Glasses
  • Collar Necklace:RaMa RoWanberry - Bohemia Glitter collar {Black}
  • Bag:R.icielli - THE MESSENGER bag - black

Put Me in a Movie.

Hey everyone i finally got to release the shapes you see me wearing on the blog on the marketplace here.I have a free gift on there (feel free to check it out)as a way of saying thank you to all the compliments I’ve received,i really do appreciate it! Anyways,i hope you like the look seen above and now for the credits!

  • Hair:Magika [03] Stubborn (Must have!)
  • Skin:*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Sora
  • Eyebrows:.tsg. Bad Bitch Brow -Tintable
  • Beauty Marks Set one:mijn.botique / skincare / face beauty marks
  • Beauty Marks set two:::dUTCH tOUCH:: - Moles
  • Lipgloss:JM_Mai - violet Lipgloss
  • Teeth:[ PXL ] Open Mouth addon
  • Shape:Body Beautiful - Mochi Shape
  • Dress:illmatic :: Tellum Tank Dress - Black (Past Fi* Friday item)
  • Tights:Q - cross printed thights
  • Pumps:illmatic :: Revived Barrels - Black (*Illmatic is moving so afk for a bit)
  • Earings:mijn.botique accessories *+ Earrings* SILVER
  • Clutch:mijn.botique / accessories / BANG BANG! clutch
  • Bangle:mijn.botique accessories *crossed bangle* SILVER (Love!)

Studs And Spikes.

  • Hair:>TRUTH< Demi  - Barbie
  • Skin:.tsg. mei mei -bust- xiaxue tone
  • Eyes:.tSg.WetLook Deep Blue
  • Eyebrows:.tsg. Jolie Brow
  • Beauty Marks:::dUTCH tOUCH:: - Moles
  • Shape:Body Beautiful - Mochi Shape (*Coming soon)
  • Undershirt:~IMBUE. Studded Bra (*Imbue is closed for the moment)
  • Shirt:.:Eclair:. Cross Tank beige
  • Tights:[NOIR] - Slow Ride Moto Leggings - Sheer (Past Fi* Fridays item)
  • Pumps:N-core COQUETTE Spikes “Black”
  • Clutch:RaMa RoWanberry - Leather Clutch Spike
  • Earrings:mijn.botique accessories *+ Earrings* (*Love these!)
  • Cigarette:.:Hermony:. - Ultimate Cigarette

We’re on a road to nowhere.

  • Hair:[BURLEY]-Euphoria-Platinum-01
  • Skin:.tsg. Angel - xiaxue tone
  • Lipstick:.tsg.- Barbie Pink Lipstick
  • Beauty Marks:::dUTCH tOUCH:: - Moles
  • Shape:Body Beautiful - Mochi Shape (Working on releasing this soon)
  • Dress:{SYL} Sheer Off Shoulder Mini Dress (Past Fi* Fridays item)
  • Hat:Part of !lamb. Sugarless
  • Leggings:Q - ombre sheer tights
  • Pumps:N-core COQUETTE “Black”
  • Glasses:Turnip - Winged glasses  Black Plain
  • Necklace:[7891.] Danger Necklace - Gold
  • Ring:[7891.] Kill Ring - Gold
  • Tote Bag:HouseofFox :: WeekenderTote[Black]

Serial Killer.

Hy everyone.Been kind of busy lately (School etc.) but took time off and came up with this look.Im working on reopening my store,with a new name.Body Beautiful,a shape shop.Later on i hope to add small creations such as clothing and cosmetic tattoo layers but for the mean time it will be just shapes that you see here on my blog.Anyways i hope enjoy this look and Check out the stores,slurs are provided just click the link! Enjoy.

  • Hair:Maitreya Nadja - Strawberry Blond
  • Skin:.tsg. Angel - xiaxue tone NEW!
  • Shape:Body Beautiful - Mochi Shape
  • Eyes:.tsg. WetLook Deep Blue
  • Sweater:Maitreya Athena Sweater * Creme
  • Leggings:Q - studded leggings
  • Wedges:IMBUE. Neesha Wedges - Black
  • Hat:Part of !lamb. Stargaze
  • Necklace:-tb- Cross Necklace (Black)
  • Backpack:::[ Mr.Poet ]::- leather backpack

One piece at a time.

Hey Everyone.I’ve been listening to a lot of Johnny Cash lately and cant seem to get this song out of my head.Take a Listen.Hope you enjoy the look.Scroll down a little for details.

  • Hair:!lamb. Lace - Ombre & Root Pack
  • Skin:.tsg. mei mei - xiaxue tone
  • Shape:Body Beautiful - Mochi Shape *Coming soon
  • Eyes:tSg. WetLook Deep Blue
  • Dress:illmatic :: Structured Scoop Dress - Gray
  • Jacket:{mon tissu} Porter Jean Jacket - Used
  • Camera:Tee*fy Vintage Grandpa’s Old Camera ( Rare) *Thank You Emma! <3
  • Wedges:[PM] Fae Wedge [A] - Black

A storm is brewing.

   Hello everyone,decided to do a bit of a dull post for some reason.The harsh rain that came pouring on me the other day inspired it in a way ( First storm of the season).Im a big fan of studs/ombre patterns and whipped up this quick look the other day and decided to share it with you all.Anyways i hope you guys enjoy the look. <3 

  • Hair:[BURLEY]_Harlee_Platinum01
  • Skin:_MY UGLYDOROTHY_-Miranda Light 12
  • Shape:Body Beautiful - Mochi Shape *Coming soon (I promise)
  • Dress:illmatic :: Structured Scoop Dress - Black
  • Leggings:Q - ombre sheer tights
  • Booties: ::LC:: Distress Wedge Bootie
  • Glasses:[DDL] Raining Inside (Black)
  • Necklace:[DDL]For God’s Sake! (silver)

The Power Of Good-Bye.

  • Hair:booN - XFE275 hair - black
  • Skin:League-Sia-Fair
  • Shape:Body Beautiful - Aubri Shape *Coming soon
  • Top:coldLogic-  top - watts.white
  • Jeans:~ imbue. Retro Highwaists [Black]
  • Pumps:*GF* Strap Shoes “Alex” -patent:black-
  • Glasses:Turnip - Winged glasses  Black Plain
  • Cigarette: Bloody Mess! - Sophisticated Long Black Cigarette Holder

Cross Roads.

  • Hair:[BURLEY]_Harlee_Platinum01
  • Skin:League-Sia-Fair
  • Lipstick:[PF] Elly - Glam Lipstick - (Bubblegum)
  • Shape:Body Beautiful - Aubri Shape *Coming Soon
  • Eyes:.ID. Shine Eyes - Deep Gray
  • Dress:[GLUE INK] Lil Black Dress (Candy)
  • Pumps:Mstyle - RIVEA Pumps - Black
  • Nails:Mstyle - Long Nails Classic - BLACK
  • Tongue:[Pumpkin] - Tongue with teeth